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1. SEASON FINAL - 10. Episode

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1. Episode

Batu Aydogmus

2. Episode

Omer Balik

4. Episode

Ferhat Sonsoz

5. Episode

Emre Arisev

6. Episode

Cenk Konucu

7. Episode

Dogu Dylan

8. Episode

Orhan Aydin

9. Episode

Alperen Ocak


Hasan C. Orhan - Executive Producer

He was introduced to the corporate business world right after graduating from college, but music and entertainment would always be an integral part of his life. He has participated in many parties throughout the country and has become a strict electronic music listener. His choices have been confirmed and loved by many people with his house parties. Currently, he is helping DJs and producers to achieve success in their career journeys with live broadcast programs on Instagram.

Eren Ertas - Artist Relationships Manager

Serdar Ors (DJ Coslow) - Label Director

DJ Coslow began his career in 1990 playing drums in his own band. He was also the vocalist of the band. He worked with several famous Turkish musicians. After he found out the similarity of drum and the turntable he started his career as a DJ in Taksim where is the center of Istanbul nightlife. His first official work “Territorial Voices” was put on the market in 2004. His first exclusive single “Anatolian Sunset” was at the top all over the world for a long time. In 2007 and He has incorporated Anatolian Beats for freedom. Also, He has established, Sound academy Records and Sound Academy Plus Many of his songs which are published by his Labels are top on the lists and being played in many places. He goes on his career hopefully and he knows he can be better with your love and support.


What is Miximus?

We are an organization that promotes unique and/or legendary electronic music producers through our Instagram-Live-Interviews and bring together them and their audience.

What is the live stream show with Miximus?

It is an online interview that has been broadcasting every Saturday at 11 AM PDT on Instagram since May 2020 from San Francisco.

What am I supposed to do become the guest of the week on Miximus?

Basically, you should contact us at or send a message via our Instagram account. After we review your request we inform you regarding the evaluation phase in a couple days. But please don't hesitate, reach us now!

As a DJ and/or producer, do I have to pay a fee to become the guest of the week on Miximus?

Definitely not! We support and promote talented musicians free of charge for now.

Could you explain what kind of benefits I will obtain, if I attend into the show?

  • Using the best content creation tool, we design posts for Instagram

  • We send promotional emails to over 1000 people saved on our database, using the best emailing platform

  • We publish a post on our Instagram account and share a post on our stories before the show

  • The posts are being shared on our Twitter account as well

  • The record of the show is being uploaded on YouTube channel by your name

  • We share the live show video record on our Facebook page with over 700 people

  • One of your songs -usually the catchiest one- is being shared on our our Instagram stories as well as our Facebook page

To become the week's guest contact us on Instagram